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Bruce Simpson
Toronto, Ontario

There is no ROI for any Innovation … without Adoption.


The blind beliefs of Innovate!  Disrupt yourself! Hurry up! Fail fast have created a downpour causing Customer-facing teams to be overwhelmed and stuck. Upstream Groups (Product, Marketing, or 3rd party clients) and “the needs of the business” are driving innovation at a pace we all joke about … unless you are the person who speaks/chats/etc. directly with customers … or the leaders of Customer-facing Teams.

Robyn Webb
Halifax, Nova Scotia

A conversation about diversity and inclusion: Covering best practices from the Halifax Partnership’s labour market initiatives (Connector Program, Experiential Learning Initiative, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, Global Skills Stream)

Robyn Webb, Director of Labour Market Development and Executive Director of the National Connector Program at the Halifax Partnership, will share best practices learned from the Partnership’s award winning labour market initiatives to leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion for business. Following the presentation, you will have the opportunity to discuss and share with the group what your organization is already doing to leverage diversity and inclusion.

Dave Carroll
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Power of Effective Storytelling

The importance of storytelling and becoming a more effective storyteller has never been more apparent for all brands.  With every one of us being a storyteller, learning how to craft and share a compelling story is a skill Dave Carroll will share during his time with you.

Ten years ago Dave’s “United Breaks Guitars” YouTube video about a bad experience with his guitar and an airline, became the #1 music video in the world for a month.  It has been called "a unique expression of a universal truth" because it resonates with the members of virtually any business or organization and Dave's relaxed, authentic and often funny delivery of the events make for a compelling and entertaining lesson.  The audience will leave with a better understanding that we are all inherently connected, that social media allows us to experience those connections and that if you can energize a network with genuine caring that everyone, from shareholders to employees to consumers, will benefit from the fact that any one person can offer amazing contributions for the benefit of others.

Sangeeta Bhatnagar
Toronto, Ontario

Formula for Successful Teams = Empathy + Diversity

In this session you will discover:

  • How to encourage collaboration with Diverse Teams
  • Importance of Listening to ensure inclusion and successful diverse teams
  • How empathy for one another builds strong, diverse and inclusive teams.
  • You will have FUN!!!

Scott Flewelling
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Service Journey Thinking – why you should care

More than 50% of customer interactions take place within the context of a longer, multi-touch journey.    Journey satisfaction is a much better predictor of customer loyalty than interaction satisfaction, which is typically done in Customer Satisfaction surveys.    And complex or unnecessary service journeys drive down customer satisfaction and increase operational costs.

COPC Inc. have developed the term Service Journey to describe the engagement that a customer has with an organisation when seeking customer care.    

Service Journey - The path taken by a customer, interacting with any combination of company support channels and resources (end to end), required to resolve a customer request or need”.

In this session Scott Flewelling will outline the Service Journey Thinking approach in order to help customer care organizations improve upon the pre-stage, front stage and back stage activities that are impacting the Customer Experience.


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