Best Practices

Have you implemented successful strategies and policies in your centre?  How did you do it?  Have you ever tried something that didn’t work?  What went wrong?

The Best Practices Sessions through ContactNB are half-day workshops designed to share best and worst practices among call centre professionals in New Brunswick.  There is a nominal cost-recovery fee to attend these sessions which are open exclusively to ContactNB members.  

Looking for a leadership experience?  We are looking for someone to lead our Best Practices Committee and also for committee members to participate in planning, organizing and executing 3-4 Best Practices sessions throughout the year.  If you're interested, write to us at!

Who should attend?
All call centre professionals from member companies are welcome to attend any of the sessions.  Simply have a look at the scheduled sessions and send a person from your centre that would best be able to present your centre’s practices about the specific topic.  The ideal number of participants per centre for each session would be two and if there is a dual stream you are encouraged to send two Managers and two Agents if possible.

How do Best Practice Sessions work?
It is a very informal gathering where a large group of participants is broken into smaller discussion groups and everyone has the opportunity to share and listen.  The three best and three worst practices are then shared with the larger group.  This is followed by a general question and answer period about any of the items presented.

What will I get out of it?
• Opportunity to network with other call centre professional  in similar roles
• New ideas to implement in part or in full within your centre
• Awareness of things that might not work before your centre invests time and money to do the same thing
• Your centre representative will gain valuable organizational, communication and presentation skills
• Avoid “re-creating the wheel”.  Centres often offer to share slideshows or training handouts.
• Ideas about how to implement the best practices at your centre
• Ideas about how to measure the success of the best practice that you have implemented
• Opportunity to offer suggestions for future Best Practices sessions

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